Barbie Dream House

Christmas decorating has always been a wonderful chore for me. I say chore because it takes quite a lot of time and thought to put all the decorations out. Every year I plan a new theme and decide which items I will use this year. I usually put the tree up the week of Thanksgiving and take the tree down the day after Christmas. By then I am usually going crazy from all the clutter.

This year as I was working away pulling out all the plastic tubs, plastic bags for the wreaths and vacuum for all the tree bristles, my husband said your such a girl. You must of had a Barbie Dream house when you were little.

I was taken aback and thought for a minute, “what the heck?” He then proceeded to explain his comment. When you were little you probably dreamed of all things Barbie. You wanted the house, the blow up furniture that went inside, the cars that parked outside and of course all the outfits that went with Barbie. I am sure you spent hours playing with the house decorating and then redecorating. I am assuming this because you almost “whistle when you work”.

I stopped and thought, you know he is correct. I did have all those dreams. I squealed from delight when Santa left the “Dream House” under the tree…If I didn’t have the right piece of furniture to go in the right place I would make it..never underestimate a girl with scissors and glue! I would work all day only to have to put it away and start over the next day. My Dream House was the most fabulous one on the block!!

Now as an adult I constantly find myself decorating and redecorating. my real life dream house.  I look forward to the holidays so I can pull out all the “stuff” and look forward to it to be over so I can pack it all away and move things around and rearrange the room. I look forward to the new seasons to switch out the past trends and redecorate with the new trends.

Christmas is over and now the living room looks bare. Its time to do a little projects and bring in the New Year. I may have to look to Barbie for a little inspiration…or maybe just a little Pinterest!

Happy decorating!!








Who would of thought?

It’s the day before Christmas and as I sit here reminiscing about the incredible show year I just finished I am in awe thinking back to how it all began. I have always loved decorating. When I became a wife, a mother and a homemaker it was not just something I wanted to do, it was a need, it was a passion, it was a must to make my home a place that my family would feel comfortable in.

When I married my husband we blended our stuff and he quickly learned I had a growing urge to decorate. To take the old and mix with the new. To take the rusty and place it next to the shiny. It’s something I obsess over all the time. After going to many auctions with me and hearing me say “look at the legs on that chair, they are beautiful” my husband was finally starting to understand my need, my love and my passion. And with that allowed me to purchase an entire pallet of old chairs. I came home that day and was so proud of my broken down chairs that need paint and new cushions.

I went to work right away…I painted every chair recovered every seat and had enough seating in our house to invite the entire block over for dinner. My husband suggested I put some of our excess chairs on Craigslist. Although I felt I had enough talent to decorate my own home I wasn’t at all sure anyone else would think I had any talent. I was hesitant but I posted them on the site and thought what the heck. I could not believe people actually called and wanted them.

I then rented a booth at a local antique mall and sold my furniture there. It was amazing to see my pieces fly out my booth. I had really stumbled onto something!! My love of decorating was starting to be more than just a home hobby! But if you were to know my husband you would know he never does anything small. He decided we should open a store and sell my furniture and collected home furnishing I was now hoarding in my backyard storage shed.

After a year of “decorating” in my store I wanted to try my hand in a local trade show that was coming to town. I would set up a booth and see if I had a chance of selling amongst other talented vendors. It was exciting and scary at the same time. I set a goal of how much I wanted to make and low and behold I did it!!! I was a success!

Now I knew that just having a booth and being a vendor was not going to be enough for me so with the encouragement of my husband I put a deposit on a building 4 hrs away (in case I failed) and created my own show. Now I am working on my 4th year and have had 21 shows! It had definitely taken on a life of it’s own.

I am excited to see where this year will take me. How I will grow and if I will continue to have a show people will stand in line for. I have so many ideas to share and put into action!

Okay enough about me…I have a lot of stories about the shows I want to share with you. I have met quite a character or two and think you will love to hear all about them!

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!